Pastoral Care
& Safeguarding

Cultivating a school environment that supports the physical, social, intellectual, and emotional development of every student is very important in a school as pastoral care and academic progress are closely linked. Children’s wellbeing must be approached holistically, in order to ensure they develop well in all areas.


Ensuring The Wellbeing Of Every Student

Pastoral care at Sri KDU International School Klang involves proactive actions such as creating a school environment that emphasises respect, teamwork and participation, as well as responsive actions such as providing comfort or encouragement in difficult situations.



Sri KDU International School Klang closely safeguards the welfare of all our children and young people. We train all of our staff in Child Protection and ensure that during induction into the school, everyone is made familiar with our Child Protection policy. There are Designated Safeguarding Leads in the school who are responsible for resolving any child protection concerns that may arise.


Teacher Support

All students at Sri KDU International School Klang are placed under a class teacher’s care. The teacher will work closely with the student throughout the year, providing holistic support, offering academic and pastoral guidance to support their learning in class. Students normally develop a strong bond with their class teacher, as the teacher has gained a strong understanding of each student’s character while they work with the children to support their success. Students will be assigned a new class teacher for each academic year who will continue to support their journey of growth.

Additionally, form tutors deliver PSHLE (Personal Social Health Leadership Education) which develops the student’s moral compass, lays the foundations for strong mental habits and develops the student’s leadership attitude.


School Counsellor

A professional on-campus School Counsellor is always available to Primary and Secondary students, providing emotional support as well as career guidance. This Counsellor is qualified and competent to work with students of all ages.


School Nurse

The School Nurse provides medical care for both Primary and Secondary school students. The Nurse is responsible for first aid treatment throughout the school day and during school events such as Sports Day, Swimming Gala and Inter-House Games.

In addition, the School Nurse takes proactive care of the students’ health by organising immunisation and vaccinations at appropriate intervals, and helps supervise and administer students medication if necessary.

  • Innovation centre

    Tech-rich collaboration space – for ideal 21st-century learning. Designed to facilitate a myriad of learning activities, solo learning and testing, but most importantly promote collaborative group work.

    Set up like a google office, in this space our students will learn to program, code, learn about hardware and software as well as website design. It’s much more than mastering the basics of Microsoft office!

  • Audio Visual Hub

    A room created for students to take their video creations to a different level-
    Through the magic of video effects and technology, students can superimpose their subjects onto virtual backgrounds, place them over animated digital backdrops or transport them to a desert oasis.

  • Primary Classroom

    We encourage flexibility and creativity in the classroom. The furniture is moved around to suit the learning theme and activities.

  • Climbing Wall

    Built three stories high, this climbing wall will encourage physical activity, boost memory and cognitive skills, build confidence and provide a place for our students to have fun.

  • Cafeteria

    Students are given an array of selections ranging from local and international cuisine.

  • Running Track

    A 100m sprint training and fitness activities.

  • Speaker’s Corner

    An open stage area where public speaking, debate, and performances are held. This provides the opportunity for every student to shine.

  • Design and Technology Lab

    Design and Technology (D&T) is a school subject under the National Curriculum of England, used for students to develop a range of designing skills and technical skills. This is a highly practical subject using a range of materials and graphic media.

    Students work on many interesting projects here that use state-of-the-art CAD-CAM machines such as the laser cutter and 3D printer.

  • Academic Street

    A very unique space where we showcase our student’s life and achievement. There is also a drone flying area where students can learn and improve their drone flying skills.

  • Speech and Drama Room

    This is our mini black box for structured play and drama activities to be carried out. We will also have performances in this room where parents may be invited to see their talented children in action.

  • Music (Keyboard) Room

    Equipped with keyboards, this room allows students to pick up the basic piano skills and develop themselves to grow as an accomplished pianist

  • Music Room

    Students will have the opportunity to learn to play a selection of musical instruments which include, ukulele, recorder, African drums and percussions.

  • Art Room

    This creative space provides students a platform to express themselves by sparking imagination and developing creative skills. Equipped with easels and large drawing tables, students will be able showcase their best creative skills here.

  • Vocal & Choir Room

    Music and vocal lessons are conducted here. There is a mini stage for students to have performances and previews for parents.

  • Futsal Court

    This indoor futsal court caters to futsal lessons and matches and will also be used for a PE teaching space. The design of this space gives a good flow of natural air while activities are taking place in it.

  • Secondary Classroom

    The classrooms are arranged according to the needs of the teacher. Each classroom is equipped with a SMART TV that enables more interactive lessons to be conducted.

  • Multi-Purpose Hall

    A fully air-conditioned hall where we have our assemblies, sports activities, annual school productions and in future, our IGCSE exams. The hall has a seating capacity of 700

  • Science Lab

    Designed to allow for flexible use of space and furnishings. This is where students engage in exciting practicals to deepen their understanding of the science concepts.

  • Culinary Lab

    Equipped with state of the art kitchen appliances to provide our students the best hands on experience in a real world environment just like in the MasterChef kitchen.

  • Makerspace

    A collaborative work space where our students can make, learn, explore and share ideas on how to innovate with the usage of high tech to no tech tools. This space is to promote STEAM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics)

    The lab is equipped with 3D printers, sewing machines, electronic cutters, soldering equipment etc

  • Library

    A calm space where students can come during breaks and after school to do research, read books or do some of their home learning. Our library is stocked with 15000 books and e- books, all recommended and approved by our Principal and school librarians.